After a local coffee roaster was listed for sale and observing this would be great fit with our current business, we always the entrepreneur decided lets purchase our own coffee roaster.

We purchased a PROBAT 12 KG, small enough to learn and experience all the ambience of roasting coffee, but big enough to roast 400 KG of green beans to 340 Kg  of roasted coffee in 8 hours or a 1,000 units of  our  own 340 gram RETAIL coffee. (AVAILABLE IN OUR COFFEE SHOP)

With no experience, we decide to keep it simple, only single origin coffee, whole beans, medium roast and only organic too. And now with six years experience, we still keep it simple………

We source and roast only FOUR green beans from the following countries:





We aim for a medium roast, but sometimes……………

On that note: I would like to thank all the customers who steadfastly return our CAFE to enjoy our own roasted coffee.


Nature’s Choice specializes in importing premium culinary spices, herbs, & blends for over twenty years By offering direct to store service, Nature’s Choice brand of products can be purchased through Grocery & Health Food stores, Produce & Meat Markets, throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Our distinctive packaging has been a staple in British Columbia for over twenty years. We offer a huge variety of culinary spices, herbs and including our own house blends, (including a selection of 45 certified organic) packaged in retail size & institutional sizes.

Nature’s Choice manufacture’s it’s own blends of spices & herbs for a consistent flavour and colour and also does custom blending.

By offering the highest quality, and a competitively priced products we have thrived in a very competitive market place.  Our commitment to only using the highest quality products has ensured satisfaction for over 20 years and our continued success.

In addition bulk spices, herbs and blends are available for restaurants & food service.

NEW (2011) : WE ARE ROASTING COFFEE……………………………………

Ask for us at your local grocer, or call for a sales rep in your area.


Nature’s Choice Team